Database Application Development

A database oriented application is a progarm whose primary purpose is entering and retrieving information from a computerised database. A database application facilitate simultaneous updates and queries from multiple users. For this kind of application there are two types available SQL database and NoSQL database. In SQL databases we work with the following:

  • Microsoft SQL Server A relational database management system developed by Microsoft. SQL Server is commonly used for Data Warehousing, Online transactons processes, e-commerce web sites. Microsoft markets atleast a dozen different editions of Microsoft SQL Server, aimed at different audiences and for work loads ranging from small single-machine applications to large internet-facing applications with many concurrent users.
  • MySQL MySQL is an open-source relational database system. The main purpose of MySQL is for web databases. It is most commonly used for e-commerce, data warehousing and logging applications.
  • Oracle Oracle database is a multi-modal database management system. Produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation, it is a database commonly used for running online transaction processes, Data warehousing, and mixed data work loads.
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database Microsoft’s cloud database service is based on SQL server database technology and built on the Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Computing Platform. It enables orgranizatons to store relational data in the cloud and quickly scale the size of their databases as required.

And in NoSQL database:

  • MongoDB Mongo DB is an open-source database, which stores and indexes data in the form of collections of documents. In this way, it offers higher performance in data retreival, when compared to conventional SQL databases.