Custom Software Development

Sometimes in industry we have very specific requirement that can not be fulfilled by ready-made solutions. And sometimes the requirements of the customer are so specific that only he/she needs that solutions, so there is no ready-made solution available in the market. For these types of cases, we provide custom software development. Some typical projects are:

  • SMS Machine Communication One of our telecommunication clients needed a front-end for their GSM-based terminal, which is used for Customer Support. It was designed to send pre-defined SMS in response to incoming SMS from any customer, dealer or support staff.
  • Dyeing Colour Calculation While working with our Carpet Manufacturing client, they needed a solution for a Colour-wise area calculation in a given picture of carpet. It has ultimately provided for the calculation of colour-wise yarn usage in any specific design of carpet.
  • Online Test Program for Institutes This program is used for conducting online test for students in particular Institutes or Colleges. It allows students to connect with exams online and take their test. It includes parameters like Exam Time, Number of Questions, Subject and Lessons. It is designed in such a way that each student gets a distinct set of questions.
  • Big file Transfer One of our clients was facing issues in online transfer of their product design and catalogues to China to enable local product manufacturing due to the restricted internet enviornment in China. This program helps users to upload bigger files of several GB and share it with different users anywhere. The program sends a link to download the biggers file in an email to users.