Lock Purchase & Distribution Software

3C - a complete Sales & Purchase Management Software. It covers Product Details, Product Pricing, Customer Management, Sales Order Booking, Purchase order Generation and Invoice Management etc. with Accounts integration. 3C automates the process of order execution and shipment detail calculations. In 3C, user logins from distributed locations world-wide were previously secured by RSA SecurID (Hardware Token) and now are secured with OTP-based services, integrated with Amazon SNS.

The Client
Magnum Industries Limited, Hong Kong

The Solution
Customized ERP for Lock Purchases & Distribution

The Challenge
In this business, product details are maintained per Vendor. And all the pricing is set with Level and Cost Price. As soon as the company receives any Customer Order and enters that into the system, the Purchase Orders are automatically generated and e-mailed to the respective vendors. Orders are processed through several stages, like Pending for Ship Date, Confirmed Ship Date, Open and Close.

The main challenges faced

  • Automation of the Order Execution Process
  • Connection with External - Vendors and Customers
  • Detail management of Product, Product Pricing, Customer, Customer Contacts
  • Distribution Emails and Target Customers

The Technology
Web Client - VB.net, DevExpress, SQL Server, Web services, Windows Services, SMS-OTP, Amazon SNS, Crystal Reports

Key benefits
3C is a web-based solution and this allowed our clients' customer, administrative team, and vendors to login and perform/get their respective tasks/information. This enabled more efficient and real-time information flow.
All financial reports and task are performed seamlessly with 3C, including bill payments, payment receipts, credit, debits and account statements.