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We are a Software Development Company and had a long journey starting from Desktop-based software to Cloud-based & Mobile-based solutions.

We mainly deals in Customized Software projects. And in between of our journey we also develop some off the shelf products like CBM Calculator & Picbow.

Here is a summary of our products and we will discuss about these products in this blog along with our main work of Custom Application Development.

  1. Custom application development

    We provide custom application development services in ERP Vertical. We had developed many customized ERP software for some very big clients we will talk about these projects in future posts as case studies. To know more about our service click our Custom Application Development page.

  2. CBM Calculator

    CBM Calculator is a free utility to calculate consignment’s weight and volume. It helps user to calculate cubic meters (CBM) when shipping goods. User can get quick and easy calculation of how many product(s) will fit in a shipping container?

    You can download it for windows, use it online or download from Google Play Store

  3. Other Technologies

    Other than these we do touch many latest technologies which sometimes comes in path of our customized development like Amazon EC2 cloud based server, SES (Amazon email service mainly used for our transactional emails), RSA for secure validation, Microsoft Azure. These technologies provide us options to provide cost effective solutions to our clients.

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TSS Team
Note: if you are looking for Picbow – Photo Grid Online, we had moved Picbow related articles to its new dedicated blog because it was not somehow getting fitted in current blog. You can click to visit Picbow blog.

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