Tradi – solution for trading business

It covers most of the processes of any trading business like

    • Brand Maintenance
    • Product Information
    • Target Customers
    • Follow-up of target customers through emails and samples
    • Current Customer information
    • Current Orders-in-hand processing
    • Vendors
    • Vendors update on status of consignment
    • Document generation like quotation, Orders, Purchase Order, Invoice and Packing list
    • Commission calculation & payments
    • Payment process – Pay bills of vendors & receive payment from customer
    • Debit & Credit Note generation & Settlements
    • Profit Calculation
    • Account Ledgers
    • Sales Charts Brand-wise, Region-wise, Category-wise, Country-wise
    • Company Staff maintenance
    • Division of departments between company staff
    • Auto-email for every process between Admin, Customer & Vendor
    • Consignment Label Generation with Barcodes

You can download process flow of Tradi from here.
Need more details download this.

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