Role Importance RSA SecurID ® in software security

Software security is must to protect resources from misuse of data, alteration, loss, inaccuracy or any kind of potential harm from attackers, sometimes called hackers or crackers.
Today, software security comprises mainly “preventive” measures like firewalls or virus protection software like Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee, ESET, Trend Micro etc.
There are several options available to secure any server or software, our client uses RSA SecurID ® for online banking; that’s why they had suggest us to implement RSA SecurID® into their software solution. We had provided them a web-based ERP for their trading business.
RSA SecurID ® is a tool, which can be implemented to carve secure way of login into data server or software.
In that software solution all admin persons uses RSA SecurID ® key fob to access crucial data and information.  Each RSA SecurID ® authenticator has a unique symmetric key that is combined with a proven algorithm to generate a new one-time password (OTP) every 60 seconds. A security manager is running on the data server with synchronization of key fobs and when any user enters this number on login screens it verifies by the authentication manager.  It produces a secure way to access the data.
Implementation of RSA SecurID ®
Purchase of RSA SecurID ® is easy; send a purchase order to any authorized vendor. According to the order RSA SecurID ® key fob are delivered with serial number. Each key fob will be identified by that serial number. A particular key fob with serial number is something as shown in this image. RSA key-fob with digit display

Before going to install RSA SecurID® we must check the appropriate hardware configuration required for its running.  We had installed RSA SecurID ® on
OS Version/License: 32-bit Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
Server Platform: Dell PowerEdge 2850
Processor: Single Processor Intel Xeon 3.2 GHz
Memory: 4 GB
After successful installation we need to create users. RSA Security Console have very easy to use interface for this.

RSA users

Once we have the users we can assign the key fob to all users.

RSA key-fob assigned to user

At the end of all process we must need to sync key fob with user for this we have to enter two consecutive display digits in resynchronize token window

RSA key-fob sync

Hence the software is completely secured by RSA SecurID ® without key fob and matching synchronized digits no one can use. RSA SecurID ® is a form of physical security which is designed to deny access to unauthorized personnel including attackers or even accidental intruders.