Support for free software!!

Originally Posted on October 29, 2010 by Tariq

Recently we had made some major changes in our eExport – Sales Management Software (no more supported by us) and were trying to upgrade its subscription on our download site.Due to some technical problem I am not able to get through. So I put a support request as all others do. In the auto responder it is informed me that they will make every effort to respond to all Free users within 5 business days.

Here this question comes in mind.Should we give secondary status to free users?
As per my experience we distribute free software/service for any/all reasons written below

  1. Making a Brand visible
  2. Show users our technical caliber
  3. Making trust with users
  4. Most of the time we distribute less featured version of the main software free. So that people know about its working and may be they interested in the full version
  5. Some times for the social cause we want to give back something for free to the society

There may be an endless list that my readers can provide, but what I see that in all above reason user not asking for the free version.
We are providing them the free version sometimes (or most of times 🙂 ) for our business goal or rarely for our self satisfaction.
In our CBM calculator software we daily receive around 5 to 6 registration (why we are asking for registration it can be a different article) and my team make sure that we respond those mails as soon as possible.
Sometimes users have to wait because of time difference or our holidays. So we make an online version of CBM calculator for instant registration.
What I feel we should not have two separate service classes for paid and free users.
Free users should get the same treatment as paid users.
In terms of business it will also help, as they will understand what quality of service they will receive as paid user.

Please make sure to let me know your views.

Thanks for reading.