Why we developed CBM Calculator!!

Originally Posted on August 30, 2010 by Tariq
It is my first writing effort for the public domain so please excuse me for my not so good English.

CBM Calculator started way back in July, 2003 when we were developing an Export Management System for one of our sports goods exporter. Before this we had worked on many ERP developments for our local clients. This was our first experience for export management system.

We had developed proforma invoice, invoice, packing list (maintaining different styles of packing list is a different story) and many custom specific documents. During all this experience we strongly feel that people mainly face problem in calculation of weight and volume of their shipments.

Calculating this is not a very simple task as it seems and human errors can always happen. In every calculation we need to consider following points

  1. Product quantity to be ship
  2. Product packing quantity
    1. Standard Pack (if ship quantity completely divisible with pack quantity)
    2. Non-Standard Pack (if the product quantity is not completely divisible than our last pack will be non-standard, it effects net/gross weight of consignment)
  3. Product’s weight
  4. Packing dimension (length, breadth and height)
  5. Packing’s weight
  6. Target container With weight limitations (I know it can vary from country to country, to make things more complicate)With Volume limitations (length, breadth, height)

So we made a small program in our ERP (YourERP) that do all the calculations and provide output for used weight and volume percentage in the container.

(I know it was calculating weight and volume as sand filling in a container, we were very much aware for this limitation so we start working on SOE (Space Optimization Engine) It will come in next coming version of CBM Calculator. I will write about this in next post!!)

That small program, which is currently known as CBM Calculator comes into existance in late 2007. It was not as simple as to just take it out from YourERP and make new software. We were missing the master data which was very easily available with our YourERP. So to keep things simple we ask for all the data from user and perform calculations. Once we had put CBM Calculator in public domain and rest is history.
We had received more than 10,000 registered users. Now we had launched a new web based version of CBM Calculator try it also (I will write about this later). For regular updates keep checking CBMCalculator Facebook page. I am waiting for readers response(s) for good or bad about CBM Calculator.

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One thought on “Why we developed CBM Calculator!!

  1. Dear Tariq Sir,

    Hope you remember me. I joined TS solutions private limited in June 2010 and worked there for 4 months.Due to some circumstances I had to leave. Recently I was going through the company ‘s website and was glad to see many new changes. I hope everything is going good. While reading this blog I remembered the SOE ( Space Optimisation Engine) which we were working upon and have wasted many days to find a solution for the same. 😛 It just came to my mind to ask whether you were able to find the solution and develop that SOE feature in CBM calculator or not?

    Will be glad to hear the good news.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sakshi Jain

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